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Transformers: The Littlest Survivor Chapter 3
It had been two orbital cycles since Breeze Burst had been discovered by Prowl and Jazz and introduced to the autobots. Since her introduction the little sparkling had seemingly gotten used to her new surroundings. She could now freely walk around the base without getting lost. She also got slightly used to being around all the other new bots. She was still very shy, but now she would to talk with the others without always seeming terrified. She even made a few more friends. But she still kept up her routine of visiting Prowl and watching him work. She may not understand all of what he was doing, but it was all worth it to watch him make funny faces...and she just liked to be around him.
Right now Breeze Burst was searching for Jazz. She wanted someone to play with her and everyone else she asked was either working or busy. Jazz was the last mech she could think of to ask. Prowl currently wasn’t in the base right now. He and a few other autobots were out on a mission and he wasn&
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Chapter 3 Art by zeldathehedghog Chapter 3 Art :iconzeldathehedghog:zeldathehedghog 0 0 Chapter 2 Art by zeldathehedghog Chapter 2 Art :iconzeldathehedghog:zeldathehedghog 0 0 Chapter 1 Art by zeldathehedghog Chapter 1 Art :iconzeldathehedghog:zeldathehedghog 1 0 All love is equal! by zeldathehedghog All love is equal! :iconzeldathehedghog:zeldathehedghog 2 2 Transformers Animated Kiss Meme by zeldathehedghog Transformers Animated Kiss Meme :iconzeldathehedghog:zeldathehedghog 0 0 Ace Striker Bio :TFA OC: by zeldathehedghog Ace Striker Bio :TFA OC: :iconzeldathehedghog:zeldathehedghog 2 0 Bug Byte Bio :TFA OC: by zeldathehedghog Bug Byte Bio :TFA OC: :iconzeldathehedghog:zeldathehedghog 2 0 Breeze Burst Bio :TFA OC: by zeldathehedghog Breeze Burst Bio :TFA OC: :iconzeldathehedghog:zeldathehedghog 8 0 TFA: Battle Meeting (Love at First Sight Contest) by zeldathehedghog TFA: Battle Meeting (Love at First Sight Contest) :iconzeldathehedghog:zeldathehedghog 0 0
Transformers: The Littlest Survivor Chapter 2
Two earth weeks had passed since Breeze Burst had been introduced to the Autobots. It didn’t take long for the Autobots to figure out that Breeze Burst was extremely shy. When Optimus tried to introduce her to the other Autobots, by gathering them all into a room, the poor thing began shaking and nearly burst into tears for the fourth time that solar cycle. Since then all the Autobots had made sure to be careful when trying to get to know the little sparkling.
Even the humans scared her. When she met Spike and Spark-plug for the first time, she screamed and ran away from them. She still hasn’t really gotten used to seeing them. Prowl reflected on the last two weeks as he sat in his office going over datapads. Prime’s orders for watching Breeze being a group effort appeared to have gone out the window because Breeze Burst seemed to only want to be around Prowl.
Everywhere Prowl went, Breeze followed closely behind.The only other person she seemed to like being around w
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Transformers: The Littest Survivor Chapter 1
“Anything Jazz?” A large frown came from said saboteur as he was addressed. “Nothin’, no vitals.” He let out a loud sigh as he looked over the body of an offlined Cybertronian in front of him. “Ah’m beginning to lose hope that anyone’s online in this area.” A few feet away from him, Prowl sat similarly to Jazz, looking over another offlined Cybertronian. “I am sad to say that I am beginning to agree with you.” Getting on his peds, Jazz finally looked over at Prowl, who had begun to stand as well. “Maybe we should start headin’ on back to the base. Ah don’t think we’re gonna have any luck findin’ survivors out here.” Prowl nodded in agreement. “I believe you are right.”
In silence the two mechs began to walk back to the space bridge located back in the now wrecked hub of this planet. They had been sent out by Prime after a frequency was sent to Teletran-1 requesting help fro
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Mistletoe Misadventures :iconcasoratigerkin:CasoraTigerkin 21 27
TFA Discovery Channel
Rated pg for innuendo...and mentions of adult things.
Summary: Prowl, Bumblebee and Starstreaker tune in to the Nature Channel. They see lions doing things...then Jazz walks in with a certain song playing...
It was a typical day in Detroit. Sunny. Peaceful. Boring. Bumblebee was sitting on the couch watching, no, flipping through the channels. Next to him sat another mech. He was roughly the height of Prowl, but looked nothing like him. He was a deep silver-grey with red streaks down his sides. His yellow optics rolled as he nudged Bumblebee with his four arms.
"Would ya just CHOOSE something already!" He groaned in annoyance. He was BORED. But he was still recovering from his injuries since being taken in by the Autobots. Ratchet forbade him from leaving the base. Especially without supervision. It didn't take long for the Medic to find similarities between Bumblebee and the new addition. They were even in the same age group.
"Don't rush me Starstreaker!" The mini
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Spring is in the Air 2 by The-Starhorse Spring is in the Air 2 :iconthe-starhorse:The-Starhorse 191 47 TF Slash - PXJ Bluestreak Snow by plantman-exe TF Slash - PXJ Bluestreak Snow :iconplantman-exe:plantman-exe 370 47 Bent Page 7 by Ty-Chou Bent Page 7 :iconty-chou:Ty-Chou 602 294


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It had been two orbital cycles since Breeze Burst had been discovered by Prowl and Jazz and introduced to the autobots. Since her introduction the little sparkling had seemingly gotten used to her new surroundings. She could now freely walk around the base without getting lost. She also got slightly used to being around all the other new bots. She was still very shy, but now she would to talk with the others without always seeming terrified. She even made a few more friends. But she still kept up her routine of visiting Prowl and watching him work. She may not understand all of what he was doing, but it was all worth it to watch him make funny faces...and she just liked to be around him.

Right now Breeze Burst was searching for Jazz. She wanted someone to play with her and everyone else she asked was either working or busy. Jazz was the last mech she could think of to ask. Prowl currently wasn’t in the base right now. He and a few other autobots were out on a mission and he wasn’t scheduled to be back until later that solar cycle. She didn’t really understand what the mission was about, but regardless with Prowl gone she felt lonely. Whenever Prowl wasn’t around, Breeze Burst felt upset. She didn’t like being away from him for too long. When she was with Prowl she felt safe, like nothing bad could happen to her. Without him it felt like something was missing, like something really, truly bad would happen. She really liked Prowl, unlike what some of the other bots would say, he was really nice and he didn’t mind her being around him.

Jazz was the only other bot she felt a similar feeling to. She thought of him as a really good friend. He was really funny and she sometimes thought of him as a full-grown sparkling. Breeze had looked around the base, but she still couldn’t find Jazz. Finally, she asked Sideswipe if he knew where Jazz was. He told her that Jazz had said something about going outside earlier. She thanked him and made her way to the base entrance. She peeked out the entrance and looked around. She’d been outside a few times with Prowl or Jazz, so finding Jazz shouldn’t be so hard, right?

Walking out into the desert, Breeze looked around. Jazz didn’t seem to be anywhere in sight. She frowned. Where was he? Did he leave to go to the city or something? “Dazz? Where are you?” She walked around for about a klik, she wasn’t far from the base, thinking maybe he was driving around or something, when a noise coming from the sky stopped her in her tracks. It started off quiet, then slowly became really loud. Breeze covered the sides of her helm and let out a whine. She hated loud noises. She looked up to try and find the source of the sound.

Above her, a small group of what looked to be bots flying seemed to be the source. Breeze tilted her helm in confusion. The only autobot she knew that could fly was Skyfire, she hadn’t seen any other bots that could fly since she was on her home planet. The bots then seemed to take notice of her because they slowed their flying, then they landed in front of her. When they did Breeze jumped and let out a frightened squeak. The bots stood tall above her, glaring down at her small frame. All of them looked terrifying to the little sparkling. There were three of them and they all looked almost identical. One was red, white and blue. One was purple, black and white and one was blue, black and white.

The red mech had a look of annoyance and uninterest while other two mechs had menacing looks on their faceplates. Then the blue mech grinned, causing her to tremble. He looked to the purple mech. “Looks like we’re pretty lucky, eh?” He asked. The purple mech grinned. “It appears we are, who would’ve guessed that she’d be out here all by herself.” He said those last three words in an extremely dark tone. Breeze whimpered and started scooting away from the three mechs. She didn’t like the look on the two’s faceplates.

They looked...evil. “Now we won’t have to deal with those annoying autobots just yet.” The purple one said. Breeze’s optics widened. What did they mean? Were they going to hurt the autobots? But why? The autobots were nice...“Will you two SHUT UP already and just GRAB the sparkling!!” The red mech suddenly exclaimed, causing Breeze Burst to let out a panicked squeak at the unexpected loud noise. She quickly spun around and started running as fast as her little peds would allow her. “Dazz!! ‘Sides!! Someone!! HELP!!” She screamed. Sand began to kick up behind her as she sprinted towards the base. “HEY! Get back here!!” She didn’t listen, she only kept running.

Then she felt servos grab her from behind and lift her up. She cried out in fear as the mech that grabbed her placed her under his arm. “Lemme go!! Put me down!!” Breeze banged her little servos on his back and struggled, but to no avail. She put one of her servos on his arm and tried to push herself free. The mech started flying away from the base. Now she was extremely terrified. She began to cry and scream. She didn’t want to be taken away! She didn’t know who these mechs were!

What were they going to do to her? Were they going to hurt her? “Dazz!! Pwowl!! Someone!!! PWEASE HELP ME!!!” She watched in fear as the base started becoming smaller and smaller. What if she never gets to see the autobots again? Her friends...her new family...Jazz, Sideswipe, Bluestreak...Prowl. “P-Pwowl!!” She shot one of her servos out as if to try and grab at the base. She couldn’t leave her new family, they meant everything to her! And Prowl...he meant so much to her.


Prowl frowned as he, Sunstreaker and Ironhide entered the base. It was...surprisingly quiet. As the three walked down the hallway to Primes office, everyone they walked past shot Prowl worried and distressed looks. ‘Why are they all staring at me like that?’ He thought, then his frown deepened. ‘Did Jazz and Sideswipe team up again?’ He prayed to Primus that that was not the case. Sunstreaker and Ironhide had taken notice of the odd stares the other mechs were giving Prowl and gave each other a questioning glance. Ironhide tapped Prowl’s shoulder plate. “Prowl, did ya do somethin’? Why’s everyone givin’ ya those strange looks?” Prowl shook his helm. “I haven’t done a thing, I do not know why they’re giving me those looks.” Finally, they reached Prime’s office and to their surprise, he was standing outside the door, as if he was waiting for them.

Prime watched as the three mechs walked up to him. Prowl opened his mouth to give their report on the mission, but Prime cut him off. “Prowl, I need to speak with you.” Prime said in a serious tone, then he shot a quick look to Ironhide and Sunstreaker. Despite both of them being extremely confused, the two got the message and left the two mechs alone to talk. Prowl watched as the two walked off and around the corner, then he turned to look up at Prime with a large confused frown. “Prime sir, what is going on? Everyone is acting very strange. Did something happen? I keep getting odd looks from everyone.” Prime didn’t answer for a few nanokliks before letting out a heavy sigh. “Everything will be explained Prowl, please come with me.” Prowl didn’t get a chance to object as Prime turned and began walking off.

Prowl followed closely behind. Prime led him to the main area of the base where Teletraan-1 was located. Prowl immediately took notice of the small group of mechs setting at a table set up in front of Teletraan-1. Jazz, Bluestreak, Mirage, Sideswipe and Ratchet all looked up upon hearing the two mechs enter. All their gazes fell on Prowl and once again all of them were worried or distressed. Prime wordlessly guided him over to the table and motioned for him to sit in the seat next to Jazz. Prowl did as he was instructed and sat down. The tension in the room could be cut with a knife and it was making him feel very uneasy. He looked to Jazz for some sort of explanation, but Jazz merely kept his helm facing Prime. Prowl followed his gaze and watched as their leader circled the table, then stood at the head of it. “By now, all of whom that have been on the base for this solar cycle know of the event that has transpired in the past groon.”

All the mechs, aside from Prowl, nodded their helms sadly. Prime then turned and gestured to Teletraan-1. “Teletraan-1’s cameras managed to catch the...unfortunate event, Teletraan-1 can you please play the recording from a groon ago?” Teletraan-1 sprung to life, responding with an; “Of course, Prime.” A video screen then popped up and began to play. The scene was of the outside of the base, the long desert land was bare. For a few kliks nothing happened, then a small figure walked out into the camera view. Prowl squinted his optics to try and make out said figure, but it didn’t really help much. “Teletraan-1, please zoom in on the figure.” Prime asked. Teletraan-1 complied and the video focused in on the lone figure on the screen. Prowl blinked in surprise when the figure came into focus. It was Breeze Burst.

The little femme looked around for a few kliks then she began to walk forward. She didn’t go far when she stopped and put her servos on her helm, seemingly grimacing. A sound similar to an engine came from the video followed by a faint whine. Prowl assumed the whine came from Breeze Burst as the little sparkling didn’t like loud noises. Then she looked up at the sky. Prowl was now terribly confused, this didn’t explain anything, if anything, it only confused him further. At first it just looked like Breeze Burst went outside to look for something, but why did she look up at the sky like that and what was that sound? His question was soon answered because three familiar mechs landed directly in front of her. Prowl’s optics widened and his doorwings twitched. Starscream, Thundercracker and Skywarp stood in front of Breeze, glaring down at the little sparkling.

Thundercracker grinned, then he and skywarp said something, but they were too far from the camera for the recorder to pick it up. “Will you two SHUT UP already and just GRAB the sparkling!!” Starscream exclaimed, the camera managing to pick it up due to his overly loud and high pitched voice. Prowl felt his frame tense up at that command, by now he had his full attention on the screen. In the back of his helm a small thought sprang forward, he quickly pushed it away, praying to Primus for that to not be the outcome of this video. Breeze spun around quickly and began running back in the direction of the base. “Dazz!! ‘Sides!! Someone!! HELP!!” She screamed out, Prowl could see Jazz and Sideswipe flinch out of the corners of his optics. “HEY! Get back here!!” Thundercracker yelled out, within a few kliks, he had caught up with the little sparkling, grabbed her and place her under his arm.

Prowl’s doorwings had begun to tremble, as fear began to seep it’s way into his frame and he felt his jaw gape. Breeze began to struggle, begging and pleading for Thundercracker to let her go. Then...he started flying away. Without realizing it, Prowl had practically jumped to his peds, leaning forward slightly with his servos on the table. Prowl could hear Breeze Burst call out his name along with Jazz’s again, but at this point he had blocked everything out. All he could do was watch the screen in complete fear as Breeze’s little struggling frame was taken farther and farther away. He heard her call out for him again, making his already terrified spark clench. He watched as her little servo shot out, oh how he so badly, so desperately, wanted to take hold of the it and just pull her back to him.


Prowl felt his spark shatter. In that one moment, he felt the worst pain he had felt in his long life. Worse that gunshots, worse than severed wires, worse than any visit to an angry Ratchet he’d ever had! The decepticons had just kidnapped a sparkling, his sparkling! Prowl didn't realize it, but he had begun crying as well as mumbling audibly. So many conflicting emotions were running through his helm. Pain, sadness, dread, rage, fear….All of them combined into this overwhelming feeling of terror. All optics were now on him, surprise and shock on all their faceplates, aside from Jazz. Prowl was known very well as the mech that doesn’t show emotion. The only emotions he ever showed were anger and annoyance. Seeing him crying and shaking in fear was a surprising sight. Prowl kept his wide optics on the screen, even though the video has long since stopped, with the faint hope that some kind of message would pop up telling him that this wasn’t real and that it was some kind of sick prank, but that didn’t happen.

Jazz stood up, put an arm around Prowl and guided him out of the room. Jazz was one of the very few bots that had learned Prowl’s subtle ways of showing emotion, along with his reasoning for being so stoic and this wasn’t the first time he had seen him have a break down. He quickly guided Prowl to his office since it was the closest place that was empty. Once inside Jazz sat him down and took a seat next to him. Within kliks Prowl completely broke down. Any composure left his his frame...completely zapped away. He buried his face in his servos and began to freely cry. Any words that left his vocalizer now became broken sobs and gibberish. His tense frame trembled and his doorwings shook at his sides. Everything hurt. Jazz felt his pain. All of the autobots did. He gently pulled his friend into a comforting embrace, trying to send him some kind of reassurance.

It all made sense now. All the worried looks, the serious tension, the odd feelings...they all knew the possibility. If you were taken by a decepticon there was two possible outcomes. You would be forced to become one of them would be offlined. Everyone knew what the two outcomes could mean. Breeze Burst would either become an enemy...or die. All the autobots had become attached to her. In the two orbital cycles that Breeze Burst had been with the autobots, the little sparkling had become like a new member to their family and to have her ripped away from them just like that...hurt. And they all knew that Prowl would be the one most affected by this because he was the one who had grown most attached to the little sparkling. Despite how much he tried to hide it or deny it, it was plainly obvious. He cared for her...

And that’s what lead him to this moment. Prowl, the emotionless second in command of the autobots, clinging to Jazz, the third command of the autobots, reduced to tears and trembling as he begged the world to give him Breeze Burst back. His spark burned. And only one thing was going through his processor in that moment;

He was going to get his sparkling back....
All love is equal!

I said I was going to make something for Pride month and I kept my promise! #Pridemonth  Pride 

Happy Pride Month from the some of the Housemates cast!
Remember, no matter what you identify as: Pride Homosexual like Marshall, Bi pride Bisexual like Dallas and Aquillo, Demisexual, Asexual, Whatever The Fuck It Is... Demisexual like Flint, Pansexual Heart Pansexual like Dalian or Transgender Bullet FTU Transgender like Autumn,

You are a person. We are all people. We are all the same species. We all mess up. We all feel. And we all have a heart. Love who YOU want, because YOU are YOU.

Happy Pride Month! Pride 




Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

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